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Getting to England, was no easy journey for Barack. Crossing the channel, was difficult enough but an even sterner barrier.

Well, the time the Barack reached here in the 1620s, also England was artistically speaking the most backward of the great European powers, Never mind the Barack taking its time even there are some songs that haven’t got here yet.

And as always in these turbulent years, the forces holding back progress Were fiercely religious the events of the reformation had filled the English with rabid Suspicions not just of polish plots but a polka shart as well As William Prynne the puritan agitator Would later put it there was no welcome on these shores for the sinful the idolatrous the abominable? By, which he meant art.

Its although the brach got here all right indeed it did great things here look, at that one of the most magnificent baroque sites anywhere in the world but it wasn’t an uncomplicated arrival and it had tragic and momentous consequences This, stupendous, riverside vista at Greenwich consists of three baroque firsts.

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What made him special, was the fact that he’d been to Italy he’d seen, what architecture could do come back to England and he’d opened the floodgates. The queen’s house is the tiny crack through, which the Barack poured into England but the man who enlarged that crack and turned it into a giant opening. He Wasn’t an artist or an architect but a king. The British monarchy has a patchy record in matters of art, Aesthetic concerns have hardly ever been a priority with one superb Exception the only king with taste and the only king whose head, we cut off?

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Upon the hill that charming brick building, was the royal observatory begun in Scientific establishment in the world. The exciting baroque palace across the front isn’t a palace at all but the first old people’s home built to look like a palace. Christopher wren’s Greenwich hospital a Retirement home for wounded sailors so Successfully posh that the old sea dogs were soon kicked out and their officers moved in but the key building here, is the one in the middle the dinky little white one

Inigo, jones’s queen’s house, it was designed for Anne of Denmark in Possibly the most important little building in the whole of British architecture. Although technically it belongs to the borough, Kiera what the queen’s house actually Constitutes is the first Sophisticated bit of European building to be attempted in England.

It’s the whole of the Renee sauce as, well as Barack rolled into one and arriving in England at last. It’s white it’s angelic. And it’s not half-timbered. Hallelujah But let’s be honest it’s not an exciting building. Inigo, jones was not an exciting architect.

Charles the first was an unlikely candidate to become an artistic Savior a tiny man just five feet. Three he, was born with a cluster of disadvantages. He couldn’t walk properly or talk till he was three and he always had a slight stutter. When he was young his tutors would make him Wear iron, boots to strengthen his legs but he became an expert horseman, who would have suspected though, that he would also turn into a man of art through studio 66 Forums.

In 1623 when he was 23, Charles was packed off to Spain, to fulfil the so-called Spanish mission. The hope was that he would marry the daughter of the Spanish king Philip. To bring peace to Europe and a huge Spanish, dowry back to London.

The Spanish marriage plans eventually fell through. thank god if you remember from the last film the one set in Spain. The Spanish Habsburgs had bred themselves into a genetic mess. Cousins had married cousins, Nieces had become wives and heaven knows what genetic misfortunes would have been visited upon the British monarchy if Charles had married a Habsburg.

The other problem was the hugely discombobulating fact that the Spanish princess was a catholic after all the religious turmoil that England had just been through the dissolution of the monasteries Henry the eighth’s battles with Rome the idea of Charles marrying a Spanish catholic, was dismaying, to say the least, but one splendid thing did come out of the failed Spanish mission in Madrid.

Charles was shown around the royal residences where he discovered titian Tintoretto Raphael and his eyes were opened to the delights of art. Also in Spain Charles came into contact with the finest and most successful baroque painter of these dramatic times when studio 66 forums was a thing.

Rubens the king of flesh Saw though the Spanish marriage didn’t work out. Charles came, back to England as a changed man a Man, who was mad about art and it was to prove his downfall that’s the banqueting house in Whitehall just up from big ben designed again but Inigo jones.

Originally as the venue for a. A huge party that was supposed to follow the Spanish wedding the one that never happened banqueting house Was part of a rambling palace that Charles built on the side of the Thames in imitation of the Spanish royals, most of it was destroyed But inside it is the only painted ceiling. By Rubens, that’s still in place. It’s been called the greatest painted ceiling north of the alps and it’s right under our noses in London. Ruben’s came here originally on a diplomatic mission sent, by the king of Spain But Charles dug, his exquisite royal fingers into him.

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