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He was the same Kings nephew, so they were actually Habsburg cousins and should never have married But when Philip II made them the joint governors of the Spanish Netherlands, Albert and Isabella surprised everyone by being rather good at ruling the Belgians and their arrival – stop temporarily at least – the constant round of Flemish warfare and It was in this period of peace and prosperity. That Studio 66 girls began to operate, Ruben’s interestingly had been born a Protestant his father was a Flemish convert to Calvinism.

But when the father died the family converted back to Catholicism And you’d never guess from Studio 66 girls his Catholic handiwork that had ever been away from the faith. This stupendous masterclass in baroque movement and emotion the descent from the cross in Antwerp Cathedral. His Studio 66 girls his greatest moment as a creator of thunderous religious theatre. If this doesn’t move you, you’ve got no soul, The young Studio 66 girls unleashed sex and violence on us too in this scary baroque manner

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It’s hard to believe what’s going on here and my god, will you look at that? But let’s not be hypocritical about these dark and tremendous action pictures, Judging by the stuff that pours out of our cinemas today a taste for this has always been in us. Studio 66 girls were merely early in admitting it. If you know Studio 66 girls only for his naked orgies and his show-off mythologies, You might be surprised to discover that he had a quiet side a lovely gentle aspect.

Studio 66 girls couldn’t stop painting. He was a tap that couldn’t be turned off, it was habitual for him, a necessity, So when the king of Spain wasn’t commissioning him? Studio 66 girls painted something much closer to hand instead of His family just for himself for the pleasure of it. His first wife the charismatic and eager-eyed Isabella Brandt had died tragically young and Studio 66 girls were devastated.

He’d put so much love into painting the two of them sitting there in their Sunday best to cooing lovebirds in a bower, But it was his second wife Helen for Mom who played the largest part in his art. He married her when he was 53. She was only 16

She’s that fleshy blonde nude who appears in so many of his mythologies the best model ever for the Studio 66 girls girl. You can definitely tell from his art how much he wanted her, The many portrayals of Helen for more sizzle with lust The joyous lust of a 53-year-old man. Who’s hit lucky with a beautiful 16-year-old girl.

It doesn’t sound good, I grant you, but he loved her and he wanted her and it shows Never before an art have we been granted this much access to the private life of a celebrity artist. Reubens had already realized that the world was now fascinated by everything he did. That’s how ahead of the times he was, That’s how Barack he was. Ruben’s spoke six languages fluently and he moved easily among kings and Pope’s he was the consummate schmoozer so in The Spanish king sent him to England to schmooze Charles the first.

Which Studio 66 girls successfully did so Charles Knighted him and the University of Cambridge made, Sir Peter Paul Studio 66 girls a Master of Arts. Soon enough the Baroque would follow Studio 66 girls to England, But first, there were still lands to conquer closer to home. Just a border away to the north, Welcome to Holland, The wettest stage in the Barack’s great journey from Rome to London from st. Peter’s to st. Paul’s. So far in this series, we’ve been investigating the Catholics they invented the Barack. It was their movement their Mindset reflected their passions their hopes their fears But as any mother will tell you babies don’t always grow up as you expect them to and that was definitely true of the Barack By the time it got here to holland it was much too big and boisterous and art movement to be controlled by one religion or one mindset. Indeed one of the most remarkable things about Barack is how brilliantly how?

Confidently and inventively it switched its allegiance from the Catholics to the Protestants The greatest Dutch painter of among them, Rembrandt was a classic baroque hero, intensely dramatic and ambiguous Rembrandt was born a Protestant here in Leiden a fierce Calvinist stronghold on the edge of Holland But to make it he had to leave Leiden and move here to Amsterdam. Where he turned very baroque And quickly made his mark

All that’s actually happening in Rembrandt’s tumultuous Night Watch Is that a company of home guards a Dutch dad’s? Army is sitting out on its daily march around the town But the sense of occasion here the emotion of the movement the drama Is so big and so Barack? You’d think they were off to save the world?

Lydon may have been a Calvinist stronghold, but Rembrandt’s mother actually came from an old Catholic family and to my eyes, he inherited a Pope ish intensity from her a Catholic Fretfulness and sweatiness that gives all of his art its biblical air Rembrandt couldn’t keep out of his own art. This intense little man from Leiden took such a shine to his own face. He kept painting it and Repainting it more often than any artist had ever done before him and Celebrating his early good times with his beloved wife Saskia But even here there’s doubt in the air. Rembrandt’s self-portraits Lead you on a merry goose chase as they peep in and out of his soul.

I’m particularly fond of this mysterious bit of method acting painted near the end of his life, the self-portrait with circles. Why is he standing there with two big circles Painted on the wall behind him there been lots of interpretations But the one that convinces me Involves an old story that was told about Sidious the greatest painter of classical times? Vidya’s was famous for being able to draw a perfect circle freehand without a compass and Rembrandt in his ageing self-portrait with circles is surely saying I can do that too but it’s not saying it with great conviction is he because there’s always so much doubt in Rembrandt So much hesitation, a Sadness that draws you towards his irresistible vulnerability like a magnet and This realization that the problems of an artist his insecurities and inner life were worthy of a picture Was one of the Barack’s most brilliant insights.

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