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There were only two possible sources of a commission in Varrock Spain. You either worked for the Kings or you worked for the monks? The Hapsburgs had broccoli discovered the power of art But the real rulers of Spain had always known it. I’m afraid, I’ve got some bad news for you if you want to understand the Spanish studio 66 reasonably well better than all those around you and you need to brush up on your religious orders I know it’s not very 21st century, but if you can’t tell the difference between the Franciscans and the Dominicans or the Merced Aryans and the Carthusians Than so much of what’s going on in so many amazing Spanish studio 66 paintings will go over your head.

Why for instance is he upside down why is he writing on himself in blood? Why are they not enough? Why is he staring so darkly under that? To help you out I’ve prepared handy pilgrims to guide to the Spanish religious orders.

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This one here is a Franciscan brown robe knotted cord for a belt. Sometimes the clothes get more ragged and patched, but they’re still Franciscans. He, on the other hand, is a Dominican black cow white robe Dominican. Quite often seen in the Americas converting the Indians or sometimes whipping off their robes and flagellating themselves.

Dominicans, The ones in the black robes the Benedictines remember black robes Benedictines. They don’t appear in art as often as the others. They’re the moody silent ones. So did you get all that Franciscans Brown? Dominicans black and white Benedictines all black, Now you’re ready for the Spanish studio 66, Now you’re ready the Francisco desorber on Spain’s spookiest studio 66 artist.

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He was born here in Fuente two cantos the fifth stop on the via de la Plata, So his understandings were small-town and his rhythms were the rhythms of the pilgrimage. These days Zubrin is reasonably well known but at the start of the 20th century he was completely obscured in fact most Spanish art apart from Velasquez was under-explored and undervalued I Think it was so dark so strange, So Catholic that we just didn’t get it and in particular. We didn’t get Zubrin, Bizarre let’s face it bizarre and unsettling images, Uncomfortable funerals, Impossible deaths. The sovereign family house on the main square in Flint or the cantos, Quite a posh house now, Must have been really posh in the 17th century. Zubrin’s father was a prosperous textile merchant from the north Basque Country who moved down here because southern Spain particularly Andalusia was experiencing this boom in New religious building and there’s so much money here for the priests and their new outfits. So there’s a lot of work for the rubber hands, Many his later Francisco desorber and painted a mysterious series of Christian martyrs. Beautiful female martyrs all of whom were dressed in modern clothes. They’re some of the most beautifully painted exciting clothes in seventeenth-century art And people said that Zoar Brad was using his father’s textiles in these paintings, advertising them, Using these Christian martyrs just to show off what his dad had for sale. Zor brands main employers were the Spanish religious orders the Merced Aryans the Carthusians the Benedictines the Dominicans and the Franciscans. One day pope Nicholas V visited Assisi wanted to see the Crypt where st. Francis was buried and at 5:00 in the morning. He went down into the Crypt with a band of monks and all they had with him was torches and as the torchlight spread around the dark crypt suddenly they saw st. Francis standing there two hundred years after his death still as fresh as if he’d just stepped out of a bath, untouched, Unblemished as if time hadn’t touched him. So Bram went on to do many other things, but monks were his speciality.

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Monks were where his genius was best expressed And it’s not just the vividness with which he Illustrated their uncanny stories But that sense you get with him that Zubrin’s monks are so convincingly full of God full of worship full of thought.

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No painter has painted human belief as convincingly as this. The Barack pilgrim trudging dutifully the 600 miles from Seville to Santiago de Compostela, would have had regular encounters with the Spanish Barak and Waiting for them at the end of the trudge was an eye-catching eruption of architecture.

You know Chaucer’s Wife of Bath came on the pilgrimage to Santiago. It’s been the most famous pilgrimage route in Europe for a thousand years But it was the era that shaped the town itself and gave Santiago de Compostela. its memorable and exciting look. The cathedral here to which Thousands of busy pilgrims scuttled daily is a  wedding cake in the Charita Desk style. Which as far as I can tell consists chiefly of adding things to places when there isn’t really room for them, But somewhere within this crazily writhing sculpture encrusted fantasy facade. Inside the great pilgrimage church at Santiago, Barack’s love of glitter has been spectacularly unleashed. Guilt may have driven the Spanish, but gold was what paid for it. The stupendous wealth of the American colonies was flooding into Spain and then into the pockets of the Catholic Church. Which spent it as the Catholic Church so often did on art?

You know it’s never been an art, Movement as debt as the Barack was at absorbing local influences taking them all in Regurgitating them and then spitting them out at the other end as something that looks unmistakably. Barack you Can’t imagine this building in Italy or France or perish the thought England. It’s obviously from around here, but with all that Rusting and swirling and movement. It’s just as obviously Barack. There is one huge slab of the world where you can easily imagine this When I say that Barack was the first truly international art movement, I mean truly international.

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