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It was the first art movement to realize that people are as interested in weakness as they are in strength then doubts are as compelling as Achievements and that the real hero is sometimes the underdog. Protestant Holland put the ordinary doubts of ordinary people at the centre of art. You didn’t have to be a pope or a king or a mythological hero to deserve your place in art. Everybody deserved their place in art, you See that chap up there second from the left at the top right at the back of this busy crowd see. Do you know who that is? He’s a personal hero of mine, One of the great geniuses of the Dutch Baroque an artist blessed with some of the fastest hands in the art that France house.

France house is perhaps best known for painting this smirking chappie known to us all as the Laughing Cavalier. In fact, he isn’t laughing and he isn’t a Cavalier. He’s an unknown Dutch Bravo exuding such excellent notion Oz These chaps here were all members of another of these dad’s army brigades a squad of amateur soldiers from Harlem called the Civic Guard of st. George. In theory, they were there to protect the city in times of war. In practice, they met a few times a month and socialized energetically on studio 66 twitter. This is their end-of-term photograph in which everyone in the class poses for a picture. These things are really tricky to paint With a king or a pope you just put them in the centre of the picture and that’s that

Look how skillfully he arranges them around the table-turning this way and that a Couple at the front somewhat the back. It’s a magnificent piece of human orchestration and it creates that Restless sense of movement of the action Swirling about the picture. That is so quintessentially Barack and there’s something else something even more Barack than all this restlessness. These men are meant to be soldiers But you never see them fighting. They’re meant to be Civic heroes But there’s no aggression in their eyes. The st. George Civic Guard, which housed himself was a member is instead always shown banqueting and chatting and bonding. That’s because these showy banqueting scenes are actually subtle pieces of baroque propaganda for peace.

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Holland had seen so many wars and squabbles and wished so desperately for them to end But instead of coming out with that in some aggressive propagandist way house Implies it subtly, sneakily. God’s great bounty should not be squandered on war and conflict. This subliminal moralizing became the chief obsession of the Dutch Barak. You can’t trust any of this art to mean what it seems to mean Especially not when it’s been painted by that elusive Dutch genius who smuggled the most subtle subliminal Messages into his pictures, Yond Vermeer of Delft,

I’m like everyone else. I love Vermeer, those frugal and tearful women of his loss in their own thoughts Trying to read a love letter as the weak light of delft, Struggles through their window they claw at my masculine attention. I can’t resist them But Vermeer is as much of a moralist as the rest of them. His beautiful and thoughtful women dreaming of their loved ones, strumming their guitars, tinkling at their virginals demand that you note their fragility and breakability as they offer themselves up so sadly for your inspection on studio 66 twitter.

These are moods so delicate that the slightest knock would shatter them like crystal a climatic Noah’s a shadow touch a gesture. The final meaning of life is conveyed in such subtle ways in the end what’s being understood here is the fragility of life itself? The vulnerability of beauty the shortness of youth and the fact that some or even most of Vermeer’s girls with pearl earrings were probably the painters own daughters had so much poignancy to his message and Personalize it so broccoli these are not theoretical understandings that are being passed on to us here on studio 66 twitter. These are understandings born of fatherhood and observation. The mayor himself was a thoroughly obscure figure Completely forgotten for 300 years before the 19th century rediscovered him but this lack of Reliable fame seems somehow to supplement the meaning of his pictures. Here today is gone tomorrow. That’s the artist’s life for you a Golden Age of Dutch art spewed out so many fascinating painters and I’d be happy to spend many months here remembering them for you. The staying put is not baroque behaviour.

This series is Promised to take you from st. Peters over here to st. Paul’s over there and that means we’ve got some water to cross.

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