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Naples was a Spanish colony And that means the next stage of our journey is over here in Spain One of the chief reasons why the baroque was as successful as it Why it became the first Global art? The movement was because it was so damn adaptable.

The Baroque spread across Europe like a wildfire Everywhere it went it adopted the local tastes and customs and sneakily made itself at home But when it got to Spain, It didn’t have that much adapting to do the Spanish were already fiercely Catholic they liked the drama, emotion passion and darkness they were if you like

So Barack’s task here in Spain Wasn’t really a case of adaptation? It was more like pouring petrol on a large bonfire The Spanish Barack was hardcore the most fiercely Catholic the Barack became Some of its sites will turn your stomach and appalled you But the Barack was a war remember a battle for your heart. Deliberately started by the counter-reformation And in times of war, anything goes on. This is the Longest pilgrim trail in Spain the southern route to Santiago de Compostela It’s called the via de la Plata the silver road.

studio 66 watch kinky

Studio 66 watch kinky

And I’m going to be walking some of it for you because it takes you past so many key Barack’s sites But the first stop, I want to make is that lovely tower

shimmering on the horizon Seville Started the via de la Plata. This is a cultural hotspot if ever there was one the old Jewish quarter in Seville

Can you feel the cultural potency bubbling up in this place? This is where Rossini’s famous opera The Barber of Seville is set and also Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro a Bit further out is the baroque tobacco factory in which that dangerous beauty Carmen worked in Beezus opera For a grand building for tobacco factory what a perfect building for an opera?

No, this is pertinent because remember opera is a baroque invention and Fusing the arts together like this music and theatre dance and spectacle was a very baroque thing to do But that’s not why I’ve brought you here I wanted to show you where Diego velázquez was born in that modest house over there in Seville Jewish quarter in Velasquez Spain’s greatest baroque artist would later pass himself off as a man of aristocratic bearing.

What a haughty presence he effected in his own art Official painter to the Spanish King the dark dignitary the maestro would the perfect moustache But some energetic Researchers have recently been digging up Velasquez’s past and it’s been discovered that he was in fact of Jewish origin his family on his father’s side were Portuguese Jews who converted to Christianity.

Brock’s fascination with lowlife bars, taverns, kitchens Amounted to an obsession, and it shouldn’t really surprise us remember one of the chief aims of the counter-reformation Was to address the hearts and the minds of ordinary people

To Velazquez, the son of a converse Or could almost be called the first Jewish artist The first important paintings that Velasquez produced weren’t portrayals of kings or Venus’s or popes But humble and very realistic depictions of ordinary life They were called Buddha gongs after the Spanish word Badr gone, which means a tavern or eating house The young Velasquez painted a clutch of these bodega knees, They’re brilliant things so atmospheric and tactile. You Can hear the eggs sizzling you can smell the garlic being cried

So art was encouraged to talk their language and to set its action in their spaces Realism for realism sake was never Velasquez’s only ambition. He was much too baroque for that Realism job in his art Document and pull you in closer to close enough to see the paintings real Look into the background of the great kitchen scene in the house of Martha and Mary And you’ll see that Jesus got here before you.

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